Lincs-Equine have been made aware of an attempted horse theft on the afternoon/evening of the 5th January in the Boston Area;
3 men were disturbed attemapting to catch a horse and 2 ponies in a field in Leake Commonside. Fortunately they were unsuccessful. The Police have been informed and have advised horse owners in the Boston and surrounding areas to be extremely vigilant and to report any strange occurances immediately.  Fortunately none of the 3 horses where harmed in any way.

Point Two voluntarily recalls ProAir jackets

Point Two have placed a voluntary product recall on the new faster 0.10 trigger systems jackets.
A statement on the companies website reads as follows;

"Point Two have taken the decision to take precautionary steps and recall all ProAir Jackets that have the new faster 0.10 trigger system attached.
A problem with the manufacturing of the new faster inflating triggers has occurred and, unfortunately, one batch of triggers has not been made to the required standard or strength. In some instances the trigger has started to crack.
We are unable to say which trigger is weaker than the required strength, so we have decided to recall all ProAir jackets that have been updated to the new faster 0.10 trigger system and any newly purchased ProAir jackets with the newer trigger system."

For further information please see their website -



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